Nepal Lipi Keyboard App

August 15, 2021 / 𑐣𑐾.𑐳𑑄. 𑑑𑑑𑑔𑑑.𑑑𑑐(𑐐𑐸𑑃𑐮𑐵).𑑗
Nepal Lipi Keyboard app – known as Newa Keyboard let’s you type in Nepal Lipi in any app in your phone. It requires you no need of extra app with complicated install. No need to copy paste. You can start typing in Nepal Lipi and post and comment in social media in Nepal Lipi without images. There is a combination buttons. To type the reph character (e.g. 𑐢𑐬𑑂𑐩 𑐩𑐴𑐬𑑂𑐖𑐣 ) you need to use zero-width joiner character. ( 𑐬 ‌+ 𑑂‌+ zwj ). This keyboard is supported only on Android 9 (Pie) or above since only these versions have the Newa unicode block set. The app has been developed by Get your app here with just one click!

The Newa Tsokan designs has also developed Input Source for macOS. You may visit to download the package.

Other apps are available at Keyman.

Keyman Nepalbhasa keyboard for Nepal-lipi

Download Keyman Nepalbhasa keyboard for Nepal-lipi. Select below the typing method you are familiar with:
Newa Romanized(Nepal Bhasa)
Newa Traditional(Nepal Bhasa)