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Nepal Lipi :
Nepal Lipi Chronology
Nepal Lipi Digests (Annual Publications) on ePaper
1. NLO Digest NS. 1135
2. NLO Digest NS. 1132

Nepal Bhasa :
Books on Nepal, Nepal Mandala, Nepal Bhasa, Nepal Lipi, Nepal Samvat (Calendar) and Vajrayana

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Nepal Lipi :
Nepal Lipi at Everything explained
Nepal Lipi written Texts: Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon (University of the West, California, USA)

Nepal Bhasa :
English Nepalbhasa Dictionary
Online Nepalbhasa Dictionary – Refer
Nepalbhasa books at Tokyo University of Foreign Languages – Refer
Education in the mother tongue: The case of Nepalbhasa (Shrestha, Bal Gopal : 1995) – Refer
Knowledge and Attitude of Youth Speaking Nepal Bhasa Language: A Case Study of Bhaktapur Municipality – Refer (Saurav Thapa Shrestha: 2021)

Nepalbhasa songs with lyrics – Refer

Nepal Mandala Symposum at Harvard University (South Asia Institute, Dec. 12, 2019)
नेपालभाषाका हास्यव्यङ्ग्य नाटकमा राजनीतिक–सामाजिक विकृति (दुरबिन नेपाल २०७५ असोज १७ / 2018)
Linguistic Diversity and the Preservation of Endangered Languages (Turin, M. : 2007)