This page is designated for the learners of Nepalbhasa in Nepal-lipi, the teachers and the technical supporters. Please use the contents herein to learn, practice, master and teach Nepalbhasa in Nepal-lipi.

  1. If you are a self-learner, please feel free to make use of the lessons herein.
  2. If you would like to follow a course, please contact us which course of study (Basic/
    Intermediate/Advanced) you are interested in.
  3. If you wish to take the Nepalbhasa Proficiency Test or Nepal-lipi Proficiency Test, you
    may check your proficiency level and apply for the Test of your choice.
  4. Teachers and Technical supporters may contact us and let us know if you can support our efforts.
  5. Nepalbhasa Lessons
    1.1. What is Nepalbhasa
    1.2. How to say it in Nepalbhasa (Read)
    1.2.1. Nepalbhasa Alphabet
    1.2.2. Nepalbhasa Words in Pictures
    1.2.3. Nepalbhasa Word Book
    1.2.4. Nepalbhasa Basic Phrases
    1.2.5. Numbers in Nepalbhasa
    1.3. Nepalbhasa Learning Courses (Basic to Advanced levels)
    1.4. Nepalbhasa Proficiency Test (NB-5 to NB-1 levels)