Nepalbhasa Lessons

Nepalbhasa is the original language of Nepal. This is one of the shortest languages in the world. If you would like to learn to speak Nepalbhasa, You may take a look at a list of expressions and choose which to memorize first and put to use.
    1. Useful Expressions in Nepalbhasa …      Read
    2. Nepalbhasa Wordbook (Useful glossary for this portal) … Read
    3. What are pronouns in Nepalbhasa …    Read
    4. How to count in Nepalbhasa …             Read 
    5. How to say it in Nepalbhasa – I want to be somebody …  Read
    6. How to say it in Nepalbhasa – Words related to schools and colleges … Read
    6. Days of the week in Nepalbhasa …       Read 
    7. Nepalbhasa English Dictionary …         Read