Nepalbhasa Lessons

Nepalbhasa is the original language of Nepal. This is one of the shortest languages in the world. If you would like to learn to speak Nepalbhasa, here are some phrases you can memorize as a start. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] . We shall happily answer them as soon as possible. For a Nepal Bhasa English Dictionary, please visit the Nepalbhasa online dictionary.

 Hello!𑐖𑑂𑐰𑐖𑐮𑐥𑐵jwajalapa / jojalapa
Good morning!𑐨𑐶𑑄 𑐳𑐸𑐠bhinsutha
Good evening!𑐨𑐶𑑄 𑐧𑐴𑐣𑐷bhin bahani
Good night!𑐨𑐶𑑄𑐔𑐵bhincha
Best wishes! 𑐨𑐶𑑄𑐟𑐸𑐣𑐵! / 𑐨𑐶𑑃 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐾𑐩𑐵!bhintuna / bhin juyema!
May you be blessed! 𑐨𑐵𑐐𑑂𑐫𑐩𑐵𑐣𑐶 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐾𑐩𑐵!bhagyamanamha juyema!
Come again𑐴𑐵𑐎𑐣𑑄 𑐗𑐵𑐳𑑃hakanan jhasan
Thank you!𑐳𑐸𑐨𑐵𑐫𑑂subhay
Thank you very much!𑐫𑐎𑑂𑐰 𑐳𑐸𑐨𑐵𑐫𑑂yokko subhay
No problem𑐕𑐹𑑃 𑐏𑑃 𑐩𑐡𑐸chhun khan madu