Nepal Lipi Chronology

A chronology of Nepal Lipi, and events related to its revitalization

NS 1129 Yenla 12 / Sep. 1, 2009 : NLO website registered 
Nepal Lipi Online (NLO), the Worldโ€™s First Online portal in Nepal Lipi was registered. Since then, it has been run by its founder admin Dr. Suwarn Vajracharya.

NS 1130 Kachhala 1 / October 19, 2009 : Inaugural of NLO Digest The first volume of NLO Digest published online. Chief Editor: Naresh bir Shakya, and Executive Editor / Publisher Suwarn Vajracharya

NS 1130 Chaula 5 / March 20, 2010 : Joint Meeting for Encoding Nepal Lipi Unicode A joint meeting was held to work on encoding Nepal Lipi into Unicode at Hotel Harati, Chhatrapati, Yen (Kathmandu), Nepal. Nepal Study Center Japan’s chair and NLO Executive Editor Suwarn Vajracharya presented a paper on the need of encoding Nepal Lipi into Unicode, and Mr. Sharad Kasah, former chief of Nepal Lipi Guthi presented another paper about Nepal Lipi. For more: visit Meeting / Paper

NS 1136 Kachhala 1 / November 11, 2015 : Joint inauguration of “Let’s Use Nepal Lipi Initiative” A joint initiative for “Let’s use Nepal Lipi” was inaugurated by Nepal Lipi Online, the first online portal in Nepal Lipi online and the first quarterly Lipipau, Yen (Kathmandu), Nepal

NS 1136 Thinla 5 / Dec. 16, 2015 : Encoding of Nepal Lipi by the Unicode
Nepal Lipi was officially encoded in ISO 15924 by the Unicode. It was encoded under the names of Newa, Newar, Newari in addition to Nepal Lipi. Dr. Suwarn Vajracharya was International coordinator for encoding Nepal Lipi into Unicode appointed by Nepal Lipi Guthi, Kathmandu among others who contributed to encode Nepal Lipi in the Unicode.

NS 1140 Thinla 18 / Dec. 14, 2019 : International Conference in Sydney, Australia 
NLO Executive Editor and Publisher Dr. Suwarn Vajracharya made a presentation about how to save Nepalbhasa from endangerment and revitalize it at the International conference held at the University of Sydney, Australia from December 14 – 18, 2019.

NS 1141 Bachhala 1 / April 24, 2020 : New website NLO website was reorganized into the present brand-new website providing several new free services of Nepal Lipi converter, free downloadable Nepal Lipi fonts, and Nepal Bhasa dictionary in addition to the Nepal calendar and annual digests. The NLO website is now fully operational in Nepal Lipi and mobile user-friendly. The website can be read in your language of choice in addition to languages of Nepal Bhasa and English. Visit the Nepal Lipi Online homepage for more.