How to revitalize the endangered Nepalbhasa?

Nepalbhasa was left endangered because people had to abandon its use their own because of governmentโ€™s single language policy since 1962. As the saying of โ€œuse it or lose itโ€ warns us that we may lose our language if we do not use it. It also assures us that if we use the language, it will be revitalized. Let’s use Nepalbhsasa and help save it together. If we the present generation of adults and youth become literate in Nepalbhasa and use it in our daily life, it will also encourage the next generation to follow suit and become literate in Nepabhasa and its original script. This will without a doubt contribute to safeguard Nepalbhasa with its own Nepal-lipi for the future generation, and help revitalize Nepalbhasa to its past prestige.