What is Nepal Lipi Online (NLO)?

The Nepal Lipi Online (NLO) is the world’s first online portal on Nepal Lipi, the original script of Nepal. It was registered as a website on the Yanla 12, 1130 (September 1, 2009). While the script we use today was recognized by Unicode on Dec. 16, 2015, Google font created Noto Sans Newa font in addition to Nepal-lipi fonts we made, you can read Nepal-lipi on our website on your desktop, PC, tablets, and mobiles as well. 

While the Nepal Lipi Online portal was initiated with the help of the members of Nepal Study Center, Japan (NSCJ), you can also be a partner/supporter to this group of great members. This portal is run by a team of volunteers led by Dr. Suwarn Vajracharya.