Definitions of Nepalbhasa Terms

7.2. Definitions of Nepalbhasa Terms

  • Nepal : An independent sovereign country located in between China in the north and India in the south.
  • Nepal Mandala : A historical area demarcated as the co-federation of original Nepal before it was fully occupied by the Gorkha army since 1769 AD.
  • Nepalbhasa : Bhasa refers to language. Hence Nepalbhasa here means the language of Nepal. Nepalbhasa originated in this land. It has been the State language of Nepal until it was replaced in 1960s by Nepali, a name usurped from Nepalbhasa to Khas language of the present rulers.
  • Nepal-lipi : Lipi refers to script or letters. The script originated in Nepal is called Nepal-lipi. It was primarily used to write Nepalbhasa while several other languages such as Sanskrut, Pali, Maithili and Khas languages were also written in Nepal-lipi in the past.
  • Nepal Samvat : Samvat refers to calendar. Nepal Samvat here means the calendar originated in Nepal. It is formally known as Nepal Samvat Naguma (Nepal Era calendar) but shortened as NS.