Ganesh Man Singh & Pushpa Lal Shrestha


Ganesh Man Singh, Puspa Lal Shrestha were two Newah leaders among the four erstwhile political leaders that included B. P. Koirala, and Man Mohan Adhikari, to free the county from the shackles of Rana oligarchy. “I started attending political meetings and was very much inspired by Ganesh Man Singh,” said Kul Bahadur Khatri (82), once a son of very rich man in Dang, and an adapted son of Priya Raj(the son-in-law of Chandra Shamsher Rana) at his Thamel Palace now spends time at the building of the Association of Sufferers from the Maoists in Nepal (ASMN) in Kathmandu, said at an interview with Ekantipurโ€™s Reporter Ghanasyam Ojha. He said he was also influenced by Marxism and began thinking of advocating it. Read more