Industrialist Maharjan passes away

Karma he jivan khah– Work is life” was his motto, Karma Lal Maharjan a well known industrialist of Kathmandu passed away on Friday, the Nepal Samvat 1129 Chaula Ga (10th April) in Kathmandu. He was 73, when he left his wife, three sons and their spouses, four daughters and their spouses, 12 grand children, two brothers, three sisters, many more nephews, nieces and grand children. His son Dr. Keshav Lal Maharjan, a professor at Hiroshima University tells us that “there are 108 of us, the siblings of his parents, still living as an extended family.” His last rites were performed by Vajrayana Buddhist Gurujus with the funeral procession led by Newah ritual musical instrumental band and joined by his relatives, guthiyars, friends and community people followed by his family members, was more than one kilometer long.

Shahu Karma Lal

Late Karma shahu was the founder of several business and industrial entities and has provided jobs to thousands in his life time. He was a very hardworking, pious and loving man, full of compassion and truthfulness. Anyone, who comes in contact with him, would be influenced by his admirable nature. He is known to have worked harder from his childhood from farming to business and industries. In the later part of his life, he had spent days in social services and works of religious merits and contributed in what ever way he could for the cause of society and the people around him. In his honour, Theravada Bhikkhus, Vajrayana gurujus, and Lama priests offered prayers and perform traditional rituals to wish him a suffering less supreme Nirvana or to attain to Shukhavati Bhuvana while many including Namasangiti, Gyanamala Bhajan Khalah volunteered to read hymns and prayers offering condolences for the past seven days.

The Newah extends our deepest condolences to bereaved family of Karma Lal Maharjan including his son Professor Keshav Maharjan, a good friend of Newah community in Japan and advisor to Nepal Federation of Indigenous Community Japan.

In memory of Karma Lall Maharjan
श्रोत – समुद्रपारिडटकम्
Obituary of late Karma Lall Maharjan
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11 thoughts on “Industrialist Maharjan passes away”

  1. We express our heartful condolence to the family members of Karma Lal Maharjan and wish his departed Soul to rest in peace.


  2. Keshav ju,
    Our deepest condolences. We are truelly sorry to hear of your beloved father’s untimely demise. We pray that the blessings of Lord Buddha be upon your late father to attain to sufferingless hence supreme Nirvana!

    -Suwarn Vajracharya and family

  3. Keshav ju,
    Very sad to know about untimely demise of your beloved father. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

    Suresh and family

  4. Prof. Keshav ju,
    Please accept our deepest condolence on a very unexpected demise of your beloved father. We wholeheartedly wish him a longlasting happiness in the Sukhavati Bhuvana.

    -Sagar Man Bajracharya & family, Kathmandu

  5. Lasta Maharjan

    An imminent departure of my dad is just unbelievable to me,I hadn’t seen him for past 4 years because of some circumstances..and god wasn’t nice to me in this point.However his is alive in my heart,I always admire him,he was my Inspiration and I believe his soul rest in an eternal heavenly peace.

  6. Suresh Pradhan


    क्षमा फ्वंसें लिबाक्क जूसां छिस्करया अबुजु मदुगुया दु:खया ईलय् बिचा: हायेका च्वना ।

    सुरेश प्रधान

  7. Keshav Maharjan

    Dear all,
    Forgive our belated gratitude to all the readers and bloggers of The Newah for your heartfelt condolences to us during our very difficult and emotional times due to passing away of our, the husband, the father, the nephew, the brother, the uncle (Tariba, Paju), the grand father and the great grand father, the pillar and the strength of the family, Karma Lal Maharjan. Your words and feelings have definitely helped us to soothe ourselves and given us the much needed stength to undertake his departure nothing but a natural process.

    Ever since we have been remembering him for his hardworking, pious and loving nature full of compassion and truthfulness, which he has left for us. We have been performing various Buddhist rituals and making humble offerings with the religious guidances of Vajrayanist Gurujus, Mahayanist Lamas and Thervadin Bhikkhus, in a hope to ease his spiritual travel to Shukhavati Bhuvan and attain supreme Nirvan. We have been thankful to all for all these and will be so in the coming days, as well.

    Representing the Maharjan family,
    Mrs. Nakali Maya Maharjan

  8. singhfamily(shmriti)

    The demise of my grandfather is such an unpredicted moment for me, he was the leading person of our whole joint family, very truthful person and well-being, well behaved and hardworking (My Grandfather). I wish his soul rest in eternal peace

  9. My grandfather, the one i was most proud of, the one i looked up to, the one i always wanted to be as, my helping hand, my strength and my first and last resort.
    “MR. Karma Lal Maharjan” is my grandfather, i was so proud to say this to everybody, and when people addressed me was his grandchild,they couldn’t be more nicer.His name and most of all his deeds always kept our head high all the time.
    Not only socially, my grandfather was equally responsible and took care of every infinitesimal thing to huge issues.The whole Kumaripati mansion and Maharjan family and Singh family feels his absence each time, every time.
    He always told me, you have to stand on your own feet, you never know what might happen, so be strong and establish yourself.i always looked up to him and wanted to be like him.On his last few days, he told me, “Get married to a good guy,don’t go for rich and good looking guy”. I wondered why he said that, now i know why he did.
    I still cannot believe he’s not with me, with all of us. My grandpa, who took care every problem in my life, left me like this as if now i don’t know how to handle my life.I have no clue now, where to start from and where to end.But i promise you grandpa,I will keep all your words… I will make you proud….

    My Guidance, My savior-

    May your soul rest in peace
    BLess US from above,

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