Hiranya Lal Shrestha, Nepalโ€™s former envoy to Russia to be in Japan

Former Nepal Ambassador to Russia, Chairman of Foreign Relations and Human Rights Committee of Nepal Parliament, MP for Makawanpur, the noted writer Hiranya Lal Shrestha will be in Japan from August 1 to 15.

He is scheduled to participate in the International Conference against A & H bombs in Hiroshima & Nagasaki to be held August 2-9. After the conference, Mr. Shrestha will be visiting Nara and Tokyo until the 14th, during which he intends to meet Japanese Buddhist monks and scholars to collect information for his proposed book titled “Buddhism in Japan & Its Relations to Nepal”. He is also scheduled to meet fellow Nepalese resident in Japan.

Those wishing to meet the former ambassador in Hiroshima may contact Dr. Keshav Maharjan at 082-424-6947 and those in Tokyo and its suburbs wishing to meet him, may contact Suwarn Vajracharya at 090-2905-0770 or contact us at [email protected]