Nepal lost a great scholar of Nepal Scripts and Buddhism: Pundit Hem Raj Shakya

Yala, Nepal Mandala – Nepal lost an unmatchable epigrapher, Nepal Lipi (scripts) specialist and scholar of Buddhism, Pundit Hem Raj Shakya yesterday. He passed away at his home in Yala. His cremation was held at Balkumari, Yala amidst hundreds of mourners. Nepal Bhasa Academy Chancellor Satya Mohan Joshi, Nepal Lipi Guthi President Sarad Kasah and Suwarn Vajracharya from were among those attended the funeral, performed by Lama gurus. However, it is sad to note here that none represented the Government of Nepal to pay the last respect to this scholar, who brought name and fame for the country.

He has contributed immensely to promote studies of Nepal scripts and Buddhism in Nepal. He has published dozens of precious books on both fields.

The Newah and the express our deepest condolence on his untimely demise of this great scholar of Nepal Lipi. May he attain to supreme Nirvana!

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4 thoughts on “Nepal lost a great scholar of Nepal Scripts and Buddhism: Pundit Hem Raj Shakya”

  1. It is very sad on knowing that Pundit Hem Raj Shakya is also passed away.I known him for many years. He was one of the inspiring persons in my life. I pray for his eternal peace in Shukhavati Bhuwan. My Condolences to the whole family and friends.


  2. Suresh Pradhan

    मदुम्ह पं. हेमराज शाक्यजुया निर्वाण कामना यासें दु:खं क:पिं सकल छेंजंपिंन्त धैर्य धारण याये फ़येमा धका कामना याना । सुरेश प्रधान, यल ।

  3. All true students of Nepalese culture are familiar with Hemraj’s vast scholarly contribution. The sheer breadth of his scholarship, and the way in which he carried it out, will remain unique to his generation.

  4. I’m very sad to hear the news that Nepal Lipi (scripts) specialist and scholar of Buddhism, Pundit Hem Raj Shakya has passed away. And other very sad thing is that I had never heard the name of this great scholar,who had contributed so much for Nepal scripts. Unfortunately, I had never learnt about his contribution in my school days. This means the contribution of Newar scholars are being kept secret, which is untolerable. Whom to blame? I think we are to blame ourselves.

    We have so many Newar heroes,who have contributed so much for the society and country,but most of them are being kept in dark.
    I’m pretty sure not only me, many Newars also don’t know Pundit Hem Raj Shakya ju and his contributions. In the future the same problem should not repeat it again. At least, our Newar children must have an opportunity to learn our Newar heroes at the schools.

    Dear Newah, I truely admire your contribution to let us know about the praiseworthy work of Pundit Hem Raj Shakya ju.
    I express my deepest condolence to his family.


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