World Newah Organization forms its ad hoc committee

The Second World-Wide Tele-Conference held on NS 1130 Gunla 11 Saturday (August 21, 2010) with the Individual and organizational participants from around the world, and namely, USA, UK, Canada, Japan, India and Nepal formed its ad-hoc committee mandated to take the organization to a formally constituted institution with an elected body and constitution. The ad-hoc committee is led by Dayaratna Sakya (USA) along with co-chairpersons elected to coordinate with Newar community around the world โ€“ Dr. Bal Gopal Shrestha (UK and Europe), Tribhuvan Tuladhar (Americas), Suwarn Vajracharya (Japan and Asia Pacific) while the rest joined as members of the ad-hoc committee (see below). The participants of the conference moderated by Dr. Roshan Shrestha (USA) emphasized on the collective approach to save our cultural heritage and Newah Identity from extinction for the future generation. They also opined on the formation of the World Newah Organization and agreed that the step taken was a needed one and timely, and the organization will be able to bring all the Newah around the world to act collectively in defense of Newah civilization. (Full English press release follows the Nepal Bhasa reporting below.)

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