Namobuddha killed in Bardia

Yen(Kathmandu), Nepal Mandala – A news reports today that a tiger with GPS technology killed. The tiger was named “Namobuddha” by the National Park officials. The Newah is sad to learn of the news that the animal was killed by poisioning in a planned manner. What adds to our sadness is to learn that the animal was named Namobuddha by the very National Park Officials of a country, where the Buddha the proponent of world peace was born. Namobuddha is a wholy mantra among the Buddhists and those who rever Him. A sacred mountain in Kabhre district is also known as Namobuddha where several Buddhist temples are located in respect of the Buddha and hundreds of thousands of people visit to pay their respect.

The Newah do not believe that our Nepalese national park officials have named the tiger Namobuddha intentionally to humiliate the Buddha the world respected One, and His followers in Nepal and the world over, nor the killers were up with the same intention. Hope this is the truth. If so, the officials will correct themselves and bring the culprits to justice. The related sad news reads as in the following:

Last Updated: Thu, 02.06.11 10:22
Tiger with GPS technology killed
A tiger, on which wildlife officials had put an equipment to locate it any time, has been killed in Bardiya National Park. National Park officials confirmed the death of the tiger, named Namobuddha, almost one month after it went missing. Issuing a press statement Tuesday, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation said, some hair of the tiger and the equipment was found in burnt condition near the place where the tiger was located last. Officials have suspected the tiger was killed by poisoning it in a well planned manner.

Namobuddha was the only tiger installed with Geo-Position System (GPS) technology. Police have arrested three persons in suspicion of involvement in poaching the tiger.