NRP Leader Dr. Shakya sworn in a minister

Yen (Kathmandu), Nepal Mandala – Dr. Keshav Man Shakya, president of Nepal National Party (NRP) was sworn in a minister in the new council of ministers of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai led national government of Nepal yesterday. The Newah heartfully congragulate Dr. Shakya for his successful tenure as a minister in the new government that is meant to bring in a new constitution for Nepal and its people. May his able wisdom contribute to frame a fair, inclusive, democratic and secular constituiton for the sake of peace and prosperity of the people of Nepal.  Being an economist, he knows what would promote Nepal’s economy, being an indigenous he knows what would pacify the Indigenous people of this country long oppressed, being a politician, he knows what the diplomacy is all about. All the best!

2 thoughts on “NRP Leader Dr. Shakya sworn in a minister”

  1. नेपा: राष्ट्रिय पार्टीया हनेबहम्ह नायो भाजु डा. केशवमान शाक्यजु थौं नेपाल संवत् ११३२ एकादशी (१६ मे २०१२) बुधवा: नेपाल सरकारया क्याविनेट मिनिस्टर (पूर्ण मन्त्री) जुयादिल … सकलसितं भिन्तुना नापं सुभाय् …

    नेपा: देय्या इतिहासय् न्हापांखुसिं ………
    गैर नेवा:या निर्देशन व व्हीप पियाच्वनेम्वा:म्ह छम्हयां छम्ह जक नेवा: सभासद् बुद्ध सायमि
    थौं गैर नेवा:या निर्देशन व व्हीप पियाच्वनेम्वा:म्ह छम्हयां छम्ह जक नेवा: मन्त्री डा. केशवमान शाक्य

    नेवा: तयेगु आन्दोलन म्हिग:तक लंपु व दुवातय् जक
    संविधानसभाया निर्वाचन लिपा संविधानसभा व संसदय् तक थ्यन
    थौंनिसें नेपाल सरकारया मन्त्रीमण्डलय् तक थ्यन ….

  2. dr keshav was trained as agricultural engineer, served as watershed Management specialist and did his phd in forest managment. he is not an economist as claimed in the article

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