Aftermath of the Earthquake in Nepal: What to do next is important.

Yen (Kathmandu) – We can not find enough word to express our sympathy to our friends who have lost their family members in the worst earth quake in our motherland Nepal. But wish them to atain the bliss of Nibbaba, where they do not undergo any suffering hereafter.

It is not yet very clear what measures has the Government of Nepal taken to relieve the people who have sufferred from this devastating earth quake. Let us quickly point out some important measures the Government of Napal, the NGOs and the local people can take to provide temporary relief to the affected people for the moment.

1) The Government of Nepal must immediatly assign civil servants, police, army and other volunteers to find the people trapped under the rubbles of collapsed temples and buildings. The fire brigades, the NGOs and locals can help in this measure.

2) Provide necessary first aid, treatment on emergency to relief mental shock and physical injuries of the suffered ones. Doctors, nurses and compounders and medical students and the NGOs can support this measure.

3) Provide food, medicine and shelter for those who have lost their homes. Accomodate them either in tents or camps and in houses safe enough to spend until they find a proper housing facilities.

4) The security forces must see that houses left by owners at night are safe and no buglary, robbery or any other mischieves are taken place in the affected areas whether they are in cities or villages. The local youth can also volunteer to support this measure.

5). Its heartening that we have received help from abroad specially from India and Japan. However, lets not forget we Nepalese and their Government must come forward to help the affected people first rather than waiting for outside help only. We can seek their generous support when we rebuild the collapsed ones.

6) The Government must also take measures to provide accomodation or replace the people with possible temporary or semi-permenant houses. Or support financially for renting rooms. The affordable families can let the affected pople stay for a while.

7) It is also impotant that the Government and the people must give priorrity to keep the dead bodies safe until they are properly identified and keep the area hygenic from unexpected deseases. If this is not properly taken care, what has happened in Jajarkot will take place in Kathmandu valley, too.

8). The Government must see that people are well taken care of at this time of need.

9) The Government of Nepal is not rich compared to other SA countries. But it has enough funds that can be used for emergency reliefs such as providing medical expenses to political leaders from the President, PM. Cabinet ministers to junior level civil servants. This is time that such funding can be spent for the earthquake affected our Nepali bretherens and sisters.

10) These measures, we are sure, will disprove an old saying: “the earth mother get mad at the sins of the rulers.”

Hope, we have still a worthy Government sympathic to its citizens that have voted them to power. РTh̩ Newah