The NLO launches a new and mobile user-friendly website

Chaula 28, 1140 NS (April 21, 2020 AD)

The Nepal Lipi Online (NLO), the Worldโ€™s first online portal in Nepal Lipi launches a new website with a new facelift to its former website on Bachhala 1, 1140 NS (April 24, 2020AD). It will provide mobile users easier access to its website.

The NEW portal will provide free services of

ยท Nepal Lipi converter (converts Devanagari script to Nepal Lipi)

ยท Nepal Lipi Unicode fonts (free downloads to use for system (OTF) and office documents)

ยท Nepal Bhasa Dictionary

ยท Privacy Policy (Privacy assurance)

ยท About Us (New team)


ยท NLO Digests (Annual publication)

ยท Views (views through stories and poems)

ยท Nepal-lipi lessons

ยท Nepalbhasa lessons

ยท Notice (+to place your bilingual advertisements)

ยท Contact Us


ยท Nepal-lipi animation (will be added to learn Nepal-lipi)

ยท Nepalbhasa translator to English and vice versa (under construction)

ยท Nepal Calendar (Monthly in addition to annual. Additional daily calendar)

ยท Nepal-lipi Chronology

ยท News service

You may help us by visiting us and using of our services and providing us your feedbacks. You may also help us our projects voluntarily. Right now, we call support for our translation and animation projects, news providers and font designers. Volunteers will be rewarded. Please contact us for further information: [email protected]