NLO Vision and Mission: Our Goals and Dream

Nepal Lipi Online (NLO), the Worldโ€™s first online portal in Nepal-lipi is dedicated to revitalize Nepalโ€™s original language the Nepalbhasa, in its original script โ€“ the Nepal-lipi, and its original almanac โ€“ the Nepal Calendar in the land of their origination. These three indispensable heritages of Nepalโ€™s original culture are now facing endangerment. Unless they are revitalized, they will die soon. As a small effort towards their revitalization, we have been sharing information in Nepalbhasa and English, teaching Nepalbhasa in Nepal-lipi, and guiding how to use the Nepal calendar since 2009. Our vision is to achieve their revitalization through two goals and a dream.

Our short-term goal is to immediately support those who desire to learnย how to read and write Nepalbhasa in Nepal-lipi and use Nepal calendar in their daily lives.

Our long-term goal is to safeguard these three invaluable cultural heritages of Nepal for the next generation.

Nepalbhasa was the State language of Nepal, Nepal-lipi was the original script of Nepalbhasa while Nepal Samvat calendar was the national calendar of this country until they were replaced by the immigrant rulers with their imported language, script and calendar after they invaded Nepal in 1769 AD.

Thanks to century long struggles to win back the rights of indigenous Nepami people, the political change in 1990 finally reinstalled the right to use the mother languages in Nepal. However, the damage has already been done to Nepalbhasa. A report by UNESCO in 2003 confirms that Nepalbhasa has become a โ€˜definitely endangered languageโ€™ because the majority of the Nepami has abandoned the use of their mother tongue Nepalbhasa. The report attributes reasons behind the language endangerment to the voluntary abandonment by the speakers for the pressures they face from military repressions and government policies.

New political changes in the recent decades have cleared ways for promoting mother languages in Nepal though the government is yet to take initiatives to support them. However, some local authorities have started programs to teach a subject in the local language. Kathmandu city is one of them which launched a commendable project of teaching a subject in Nepalbhasa (though not the actual language subject) in schools in Kathmandu from 2021. In short, โ€˜if there is a will there is a wayโ€™ to promote any local language in Nepal as the new Constitution of Nepal (2015) has confirmed this right finally.

While commending the above government policy change, we at the NLO have volunteered to set on a mission to achieve the vision of revitalizing the abovementioned cultural heritages of Nepal together with Nepalbhasa because the above mentioned three heritages of Nepal are still facing endangerment if not extinction.

They need your and our care to be revitalized. As a first step of the goals, we plan to train 1000 individuals to become literate in Nepalbhasa, Nepal-lipi and Nepal Samvat calendar by 2030 AD (1150 NS). In order to achieve our goals step by step, we have set out the following mission.

The NLOโ€™s mission is dedicated

I. To revitalize Nepalbhasa (the original language of Nepal) in its script โ€“ the Nepal-lipi, and Nepal Samvat calendar that originated in Nepal.

II. To provide free information, useful publications, and technical tools for the Nepal-lipi literate visitors and other visitors interested in our efforts.

III. To support learning and teaching Nepalbhasa and Nepal-lipi to those who desire to become literate in Nepalbhasa in its Nepal-lipi within a shorter period and or join advanced courses. Courses are conducted online or on-site classrooms in Nepal and abroad.

IV. To organize, conduct and provide certificates of Nepalbhasa and Nepal-lipi Proficiency Tests for those who desire to sit for the proficiency tests.

V. To advice and support the Government offices, NGOs, INGOs, schools, colleges, and other organizations for teaching Nepalbhasa in Nepal-lipi, compiling, editing, and publishing documents, text books and other learning materials and Nepal calendar online and in print, designing Nepalbhasa websites in Nepal-lipi and undertaking translations.

VI. To provide jobs for skillful applicants. Interested applicants may apply for related jobs at NLO. Interested individuals may contact us online.

We also dream to make Nepalbhasa another world language. If we are to believe former US President Obamaโ€™s thought, โ€œYes, we can!โ€, our dream should also come true. We are pleased to support any interested individuals and parties with our voluntary services and products working together to make Nepalbhasa another world language one day. We hope to achieve our dream together with above mentioned two goals by providing information of Nepal and support our visitors in seven main areas of knowledge and services. Please view the menu for detail.

Your Support
Your support of any kind will indeed help to save these three important cultural heritages from endangerment and extinction. Cultural heritages do not belong to a particular community but to the world community of human hearts. You can support us by

  1. Visiting our portal and giving us your feedback at Contact Us.
  2. Providing financial support, and advertisements or sponsoring our publications such as Nepalbhasa learning materials.
  3. Lending technical support to our projects such as online translation, animation, news reporting, font designing for which we provide appreciation letters to volunteers, and rewards to those who prefer payments for their work for the NLO.

Join us, give us a worthy hand to save these world heritages โ€“ Nepalbhasa, its script Nepal-lipi and Nepal Samvat calendar from their endangerment in their own land of origination.

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April 24, 2020 (Bachhala 1, 1140 NS)
(Last updated on May 17, 2022 (Bachhala 17, 1142 NS)