King Gyanendra offers sacrifical beasts to goddess Kali

जुजु ज्ञानेन्द्रँ दक्षिणकालिइ पञ्चबलि

King Gyanendra, whose monarchy is all set to be abolished by the first meeting of Constituent Assembly on 28th of this month, offered sacrifical beasts to Goddess Kali at Dakshinkali Hindu Shrine in the outskirts of Kathmandu yesterday following the sacrificial tradition initiated by Prithvi Narayan Shah, who expropriated Newah kingdoms of Nepal Mandala in 1768.

Story in Nepal Bhasa
मे २८ तारिक कुन्हु सुरु जुइगु संविधान सभाँ, राजतन्त्र मदेका छोइगु ई न्ह्यनेवया च्वंगु पाःलाकाला खइमखु, थनँ २४० दँ न्ह्यवः नेपाल मण्डलया नेवाः राज्यत लाकाकाःम्ह पृथ्वीनारायण शाहया पालँनिसेँ वैशाख शुक्ल अष्टमी पतिकँ, इष्टदेवीया पूजा यायगु परम्पराकथँ जुजु ज्ञानेन्द्रँ सोमवाःकुन्हु दक्षिणकालीया पुजा याःवन। सुथय् १० (झि) ता इले परिवार नापँ दक्षिणकालीई थ्यन्कःवोँम्ह ज्ञानेन्द्रँ कालीमाँ नापँ मेमेपिँ द्योपिन्तःनँ पूजा याना पञ्चवलि (न्याम्ह पशुपंछितेगु बलि) चढेयागु जुयाच्वन।
Gyanendra offers sacrifice
विश्व शान्तिया प्रतीक बुद्धया जन्मभूमी नेपाले, हिंसा बलिबिया कालीमाँया पाखेँ राजतन्त्रयात बचेयाये फैगु खःला स्वयेगु बाकिहे दनि। “अहिंसा परमो धर्म” धका स्यनीगु हिन्दु धर्मे हिंसा बलि बीगु सुनाँ सुरुयात, सीके बहजू।
– झी The Newah

किपाः सुभाय् – समुद्रपारिडटकम्
छिगु कमेन्ट् थन क्वसँ च्वया दिसँ। छिगु कमेन्ट् छकः जक च्वयादीसा गाः। प्रकाशन् जुइतः छूँ भचा समय कायेफु।

6 thoughts on “King Gyanendra offers sacrifical beasts to goddess Kali”

  1. Maitri Ratna Tuladhar

    I think the king needs to know that “God help those who help themselves”. This proverb is still working for all living being. The king is not taking this seriously.. If God really helps like that then why his brother died for nothing. He might have done big poojas also in his life time.. to skip the unwanted things. If he think he must live then he should follow the principle like “Be Good and Do Good” – of course by not killing any one.
    Thank you!

  2. Kumar Bajracharya

    He is after all human and high profile Nepali eventhough some sector of system components does not wanna see him as a King.

    Future will tell abolishing monarchy is the suicidal step or positive step

  3. after all gyanendra is also human being and let him to do the puja and any kind of activity like other nepali citizens. why are we giving him more importande by doing discussion about his activities?? lets make him normal nepali citizen.

  4. Sagar Man Bajracharya

    Gyanendra is now hoping to get “Ashirwad” from his so called Good Job “Panchabali”. If he really helps like that then why his brother King Birendra and his family died for nothing. He has also done big poojas in his life time.. to skip the unwanted things. So I would like to adv Gyanendra “Pls evalute your Past Days job …. Assasination of King Birendra, 75 krore salary, Prabin Gurung’s Death and other …. Job.

  5. Amrit R. Tuladhar

    Many thanks for your thoughtful message.
    King Gyanendra’s animal sacrifice performed in Dakshinkali does not seem appropriate in the Birthland of Lord Buddha at all. The whole world has rather declared Nepal a “Zone of Peace” with reference to LUMBINI.
    (It may be wise for)… the monarch who has recently been forced to abdicate to stop offering animal sacrifice, change his daily diet into a vegetarian, spend the remaining retired life in a tranquil spot meditating the result of which may ultimately lead him to paradise.

  6. Uttam Pradhan

    यक्को यक्को सुभाय्। दुनुगलँनिसेँ सुभाय द नेवाः परिवार सकसितः। We at Alpha group are heartly thankful to all people who visit our open ceromany of Alpha International Japan Limited Special thankful with my father in law Dr Uttam Karmacharya and Mother in Law Pramila Karmacharya, Mr. & Mrs. Miyashiro Sama, Suwarn Dai, Bhawan Bhatta ji, Sukuman Taman ji, kindly Jaanese VIP Members, my family, my wife, my son and daughter, Japanese friends and our staff Toshima San. We promise that in future better sucess our business for target to satisfied all of our customers and good relationship with all peoples. Thank you very much!

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