Nepal Script Unicode Project – Update

Update Announcement
As we have announced Universal Encoding of Nepal scripts last year, we are pleased to inform you that finally, necessary initiatives have been taken to encode Prachalit and Ranjana while two Unicode fonts are being nearly completed. The Newah is happy to announce that it will be launching its website and release the fonts in October this year in conjunction to the New Year day of the Nepal Samvat 1130. A guide to Nepal script and dictionary is being compiled, which is also to be distributed on the same day free of charge to donors and supporters and participants to the opening ceremony. Further detail of the schedule and inquiry for contribution are available on request at The Newah: [email protected]

Nepal Scripts and Unicode fonts
The two Nepal Scripts Prachalit and Ranjana will display in the following with different sizes of your choice.

Samples of Nepal Lipis (Prachalit & Ranjana)

3 thoughts on “Nepal Script Unicode Project – Update”

  1. Prabin Shrestha

    What has happened to the project? Has it saw the light of day or scrapped. I had been searching for newari unicode fonts in google for vain.

    (Our reply: Subhay for your interest, the Nepal Lipi Encoding project is running very slow but steadily. Urgent funding and some technological support can help expedite the project. – The Newah)

  2. Rukshana Kapali

    I will be very gald if Prachalit script would be available in unicode. It would give us young native speakers to write our language in our own script. I will be waiting for this project to be completed as soon as possible.

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