Plans to control army and capture state – Maoist Premier inflated the figure of PLA into 35,000.

In a shocking video footage shown in a Kathmandu based Image Channel Monday afternoon, and posted on YouTube and, the Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal โ€˜Prachandaโ€ had revealed that his party inflated the figure of PLA combatants into 35, 000. โ€œ”We were (PLA’s strength) somewhere between 7,000 and 8,000. If we had reported the correct figure of the PLA, then it would then have been reduced to around 4,000.” “But our party’s leadership decided to report PLA strength as 35,000, and thanks to it the PLA’s strength is now 20,000 at least,” he said smilingly, evoking peels of laughter around him.
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    This video revelations is a real shocking one. How could our Ex Prime Minister Prachanda could lie to the Nation?
    Hats off to Pradhan Senapati Rukmanand Katuwal for resisting the hidden agenda of Prachanda and President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav for foiling the hidden plan of Prachanda to take over the Nepal Army.

  2. As the chairman of a revolutionary party what else can we expect Prachanda to speak at his party meeting? The Maoists launched the peopleโ€™s war with all intention to capture state power. They had been talking it for many times. If and when they are able they will certainly do that. I donโ€™t think it is any new revelation to be excited for.

  3. The Observer

    Dear Newah friends,
    Newahs are known for their intelligence and thoughtfulness. Let us not jump into conclusion as few do in other blogs. First, the Vdo is Prahcanda’s address to his commanders, not to the nation. Second, this is during the time he was undergoing hard time to convince his cadres and leaders to convince to go for CA elections. Third and lastly, tactical moves are respected in War (an love, as they say). So let us not add fuel to fire on some comments by rather elements willing to bring Prachanda in opposition, who in fact deserve to lead the country until constitution drafting.
    Let us keep up our reputation!

    Let us applaud that Prachanda led a war with such a unity within his fighters that now we are enjoying Republican set up and the CA is a reality. Let us look forward drafting of Constitution under the leaderhip of the party the majority of Nepalese have chosen for.

  4. Personal history is always clean as bagmati, some remain closed and some open, was a laugh lotus flower have the history of cactus flower, when are we having gurans flower, fooling business going around, everyone is just stuck in debating past and present, who is seeing the future??? Breaking news are breaking things down, can we be the writer to brake the news and write a developing story, atleast develop our future dreams. Childrens are in vain.. where are we leading them to.. uncertainity

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