NRA gather en masse in the US and UK

The Newah Residents Abroad (NRA) are meeting en masse in the US and UK this month. In the US, Newah Orgnaisation of America (NOA) is holding its 8th Annual Convention and General Meeting in the Washington, DC metropolitan area (Potomac Community Center11315 Falls Road, Potomac, MD 20854) on Sunday the 24th and inviting all of you to its traditional gathering with NOA members, friends, families and supporters. The event includes Newah Samaybaji dinner followed by presentation on Newah culture, arts and crafts and cultural program. For detail, following members can be reached: Rajesh Shrestha (703-999-64769); Ganesh Kayastha (301-996-6870);Balaram Joshi (301-649-4104);Season Shrestha (410-404-5388).

Meanwhile, the Pasapucha in the UK has announced of its organizing the First Brihat Newah gathering in UK on 31 May. A communiquรฉ floated on emails says that the gathering en masse is expected to be participated by around thousand Newah from different towns and counties around the kingdom. A 26 member main organising committee has been formed to organise the gathering. Of the organising committee, following are some members you can reach for detail: Mahant Shrestha, Coordinator (07725795893), Ashok Shrestha (07767483298), Balmukund Prasad Joshi (07950867266), Krishna Chakkhu (07809510250).

In two messages sent to Pasapucha in the UK by two leading Newah leaders in Kathmandu, NESOCA President Artha Tuladhar and Nepal Bhasa Manka Khala, Yala President Suresh Pradhan have wished best wishes to the gathering while Artha Tuladhar’s message particularly wished the gathering in the UK will lead to intiate an international gathering sooner.

The Newah has learnt that NOA, NESOCA-NIFJ had proposed an international gathering of Newah residents abroad in the past but yet to materialize such a gathering. In another email message, a copy of which received at The Newah, Suwarn Vajracharya has indicated that an international gathering of Newah resident abroad is still a proposal alive, that we need to adopt sooner leading to form a World Fellowship of the Newah linking our commun ity at home and abroad. We wish all the best and success to both NOA’s 8th convention and the en masse gathering of Newah in the UK to build a stronger ties among members of Newah community both in the US and the UK. – The Newah

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  1. Very appealing comment thanks for being straight forward. I believe this kind of comment eliminate misunderstanding among the existing organization. When the situation in home land is under threat by elite group’s domination and suppression one way or other the Newah people living in abroad have shown a solidarity concept for united force. It is also true that when people leave country the love to Newah heritage becomes more stronger than while living in motherland. This is the way that we seek for opportunity to gather Newah people living abroad. I must say thank you to the NEWAH blog that it is the first time the blog has used the term NRA. I like it very much it sounds more independent than the one proposed or followed by khas oriented NRNs. I think we are near to the formation of concept world Newah federation (WNF). This federation will have legitimate agenda to take to the UNO headquarter and table the case against the extinction of Newah heritage in home land by excessive domination and exploitation from govt agencies. please send in your comments.

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