Only Self-ruling right of Nepal Mandala will preserve the Newah Culture

Washington D.C. – Newah Culture is associated with well-planned architecture, arts, music, cuisine, costume, profession, festivals, religion, rituals, roads, irrigation systems, recycling, caste systems, and more. Only Self-ruling right of Nepal Mandala will preserve these features of the Newah Culture, said Dr. Roshan Shrestha, speaking about Newah culture and the challenges to preserve it under a talk programme organized at the 8th Annual convention of the Newah Organization of America (NOA), held last Sunday at Potomac, Maryland.

The convention held with the theme of โ€œPreserving Culture and Its Challenges,โ€ was inaugurated by Chargeโ€™d Affair of Nepal Embassy His Excellency Mr. Kali Prasad Pokhrel by lighting the traditional oil lamp, Twadewa. Addressing the gathering, H. E. Pokherel spoke about the significance of Newah culture in the Nepalese community and praised the NOA activities that included conducting Nepal Bhasa classes and celebrating Mha Puja in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Dr. Shrestha was one among the speakers, who led the audience into five exciting sessions at the convention.

Among them, Dr. Maheshwor Baidya presented an informative video about breast cancer. He pushed for early detection efforts to protect our Nepalese communityโ€™s health. He asked all interested individuals to come to the free breast cancer check-up organized with help from American University in Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Dr. Prajwol Joshi presented on travel-related communicable diseases, their prevention, and immunization required for children and adults during travel to Nepal, and the ongoing swine flu virus.

Dr. Dina Bangdel gave a nice visual presentation about Newah arts and the architecture. She showed a slide show of beautiful collections of Newah arts gathered from museums around the world.

Mr. Sushil Tuladhar expressed his views about Newah culture and language, encouraging parents to use Nepal Bhasa, the native language of Newah community and teach it to their children at home.

Earlier, NOA President Rajesh Shrestha welcomed all guests and representatives of the organizations in attendance, and thanked everyone for their continued support. A video documentary about Jagatsunder Bwonekuthi prepared by Sunjay Shrestha was presented. Ms Shlesha Shrestha read to the audience two thank you letters from Janish Shahi and Sunita Gamal, the recipients of NOA scholarships.

Speaking at the gathering, the immediate past president of NOA, Tribhuvan Tuladhar said, โ€œThe torch of the organization has been passed on to the new generation and they will do well under the constitution of NOA and wider vision of NOA Culture & Beyondโ€

Among speakers also included were past President Bedh Pradhan of NOA, leaders of other Nepalese organization in the US, Laxman Pradhan of NPPA, Madhavi Karki of ANWA, Bishnu Thapa of ANS, and Rabina Thapa of BANA, who thanked NOA for inviting them and expressed their thoughts on Newah culture and heritage.

At the general meeting session, NOA General Secretary Season Shrestha presented an overview of NOAโ€™s annual activities. At this occasion, 49 Life Members of NOA were presented with certificates.

The meeting included a Newah arts and crafts exhibition presented by young talented artist Bikranta Man Shrestha. The childrenโ€™s surprise project was presented to the group after the program. They built a beautiful 2-story pagoda replica about 6 feet tall that was offered for auction on behalf of NOALC.

NOA First Vice President Ganesh Kayestha thanked the volunteers for their tireless efforts to make the event successful as well as the participants for their overwhelming support.

The cultural program featured many different dances and songs by the children in the Nepal Bhasa class and other emerging local talents, as well as performances by well-known pop stars Shreejan Tamrakar, Sanjeep Pradhan, Sarishma Amatya and Saroj Dutta. The event concluded with delicious dinner followed by a raffle. – The Newah

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