Size of New Nepalโ€™s Federal States – Mockery of the Century

Yen (Kathmandu), Nepal Mandala – The Constituent Assembly (CA) Committee on State Restructuring and Distribution of State Powers has chosen the 14-state model out of two alternative models proposed by a sub-committee last week through voting, yesterday evening. It is learnt that the decision was taken by the CA Committee after 24 members voted for and 19 against. 15 CA members including those from Nepali Congress (NC) voted for the six-state model, an alternative to the 14 states model and demanded that both the proposals be taken to the CA, which has the final say.

However, looking at the sizes of the proposed states, one canโ€™t help finding the proposal to be the mockery of the 21st century. Take a good look at the size of Nepal Mandala Newah state, which is the single most original source for the modern Nepal and its culture that built a sub-civilization in South Asia since the 7th century AD. You can imagine the plight of the Newah community, who has contributed to build this nation for centuries. This is the state of Newah State!

State of Newah State
Map courtesy: Nepal

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