The Veisakha Full Moon Day: The Triple Blessed Day

Today, the Full-moon day of Veisakha is the triple blessed day for it is today the world join the Buddhists to commemorate the Buddha – His Birthday (623BC), His Enlightenment (588BC), and His Demise (543BC) that fall today. The Newah wish all our friends a happy Veisakha day, may the Buddha’s blessings be with you for happy days of best of health and prosperity! Meanwhile, reports that President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav and Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal cancelled the scheduled visit to Lumbini, the nativity of Lord Buddha, where the President was invited to be the Chief Guest and PM to be the Special Guest at the ceremonies organised to commemorate the Lord Buddha. The reason for the cancelation of the trip was due to the uncertinities created by the Maoists, not ready to support the extension of CA, it seems.

Birth of Prince Siddhattha at Lumbini Sacred Garden, Nepal
(Foto courtesy: Buddhism Meetup)

The Enlightenment at Gaya
(Foto courtesy: Dhammabum)

The Parinibbana at Kushinara
(Foto courtesy: Myopera)
वैशाख पुन्हि थौँ हलिमय् शान्ति है बिज्याम्ह बुद्धया बुन्हि थौँ
हलिमय् सकसिगु दुख तंकेगु लँपु लुइका बिज्याःगु न्हि थौँ
पीन्यादँ तक्क झी सकसितः ज्ञाण बिया परिनिर्वाण जूगु थौँ
लुमंका झीसँ वस्पोल बुद्धया गुण, केनेनु झीगु कृतज्ञता थौँ
– झी द नेवाः