Happy Nepal New Year 1131! Swanti Festival begins today.

On the auspicious occasion of the 1131st Nepal’s National New Year, The Newah family extends its heartiest best wishes to all our readers for a happy New Year with the best of health and prosperity for the whole year that begins on the 1st Kachhala 1131 (1131 Kattikashukla pratipada/Nov. 7, 2010). May the Swanti festival beginning from today bless you with joy of physical, spiritual strength and wealth to contribute to the progress of Newah community and our beloved native land of Nepal.

The Festival schedule:
Today Satday 1130 Kaula 30 – Laxmi Puja (Welcoming Goddess Laxmi)
Tomorrow Sunday 1131 Kachhala 1 – New Year celebration with Mhapuja (Purification of Self)
Day after tomorrow Monday 1131 Kachhala 2 – Kijapuja (Treating of brothers by sisters)

नेपाल संवत ११३१ न्हूँदँया भिन्तुना – स्वन्ति नखः थउँनँ निसेँ

नेपाल संवत ११३१ (झिंछसः व स्वीछ) दँ न्हूँदँया लसताय् झी द नेवाःया पाखेँ सकल ब्वँमि पासापिन्तः ११३१ कछला १ (कार्तिक शुक्ल प्रतिपदा) भीँ न्हिनँ निसेँ सुरु जुइगु दँ दच्छि यंकँ भीँ उसाँय् व समृद्धीँ जाःगु सुखिया दँ जुयेमा धका दुनुगलँ निसेँ भीँतुना दु। थउँनँ निसेँ सुरुजुइगु स्वन्तिया नखः झःझः धायेक हँसे नेवाः जाति नापँ नेपाल देसया उत्थान यायेगु तन मन व धन दयेमा!

थउँ शनिवाः ११३० कउला ३० – लक्ष्मि पुजा
कन्हे आइतवाः ११३१ कछला १ – म्हपुजा याना न्हूँदँ हनेगु
कँस सोमवाः ११३१ कछला २ – किजापुजा

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  1. Even Newa cultural association of texas in dallas celebrated nhuugu dan 1131 on 31st october, a week ahead of the actual new year day. you can look at the pictures and a short video of the day with jhobhoye at texasnepal.org

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