Nepal New Year 1131 celebrated pomp and pageant at home and abroad

Yen (Kathmandu), Nepal Mandala – Nepal’s National New Year 1131 was celebrated pomp and pageant at home and abroad. With care taker Prime Minister attending as the chief guest, the main celebrations of the 1131st National New Year was held pomp and pageant at Basantapur Layku (palace) pavilion in Kathmandu yesterday. Having made a round trip around the city of Kathmandu, the Bhintuna (welwishing) rally returned to Basantapur historic area, where the annual celebration was held pomp and pageant like every year in the past.

NE 1131 Basantapur program

Extending the New Year greetings, caretaker Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal told the mass gathering presided by Bipin Maharjan of the Nepal Bhasa Manka Khala that he would appoint a commission to look into the implementation of officially practicing the Nepal Era calendar and to understand other calendars, too. While wishing the people of the country for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year, he also stressed the need of reinstating the peace, without which no satisfactory life can be maintained.

At the celebrations, former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, whose cabinet declared Sankhadhar Sakha, the founder of Nepal Era as a hero of the country, was honoured for his contribution to revive Nepal Era. The attending band groups in the rally were also honoured for their contributions.

London: Pasa Puchah Guthi UK (PPGUK) organized Mha Puja and New year N.S. 1131 celebration on Saturday 6 Nov. 2010 at Oakington Primary School, Wembley. The event which marked the 10th anniversary of the only Newah ethnic and cultural community in the UK was inaugurated by chief guest Dr. Padma Ratna Tuladhar. The function was also attended by General Sercetary of Nepali Congress Prakash Man Singh, Nepalese Ambassador to the UK Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise, PPGUK Advisor Prof David Gellner, founder members of the Guthi, presidents of Guthi’s branches and around 400 guests from all England.


Tokyo: Newah Jagaran Manch held the 1131st New Year Greeting exchange program today at noon while Newa International Forum celebrated Mhapuja in the evening. Both celebrations were attended by Ambassador Dr. Ganesh Yonjan Tamang as chief guest. The Ambassador also issued a press release wishing all Nepalese resident in Japan best wishes on the occasion of 1131st New Year.

Participants at Sanfrancisco Mhapuja 1131

San Francisco: Nepa Khala of San Francisco celebrated Nepal New Year 1131 amidst a large gathering Santa Rose town in the US reports Rajeesh Shrestha.

Mhapuja at Sanfrancisco

Seoul: Embassay of Japan and Newah Pucha in Seoul jontly celebrated the New Year 1131 today with Ambassador Kamal Prasad Koirala as the chief guest of the event
On November 13, 2010 (Satday), .Nepa Pasa Pucha Amarikay (PPA) will be celebrating Nepal New Year along with itโ€™s 19th Annual Meeting in Maryland: For detail, Contact:

Meanwhile, Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA) is celebrating the New Year 1131 Nepal Samvat with late Mhapuja with the Bhintuna program on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010 at Shady Grove Middle School, Gaithersburg, Maryland. For details regarding the preliminary program, venue, directions, nearby hotel information, visit

On November 27, 2010 (Satday), Newah Organization of America will be celebrating Nepal Samvat 1131 New Year by commemorating national hero of Nepal, Shankhadhar Sakhwa, from 17:00 to 22:00 at Kemp Mill Elementary School, 411 Sisson Street, Silver Spring, MD 20902. For detail, contact:: or Rajesh Shrestha (703-999-6476; [email protected])

News and photo contributed by Sagar Man Bajracharya, Kathmandu; Rajeesh Shrestha, San Francisco and PPGUK.

For more information, get a Nepal Lipi Online Supplement 1131 released yesterday, the New Year 1131.