Govinda Mainali’s appeal likely to be heard; may walk a free man sooner

Tokyo – (The Newah) – Govinda Prasad Mainali, a Nepali citizen in Japan, jailed for convicted murder of a woman office employee of TEPCO is likely to get his appeal for retrial heard as the DNA test result found recently from the victim has proved it belonged to a third person, Yomiuri Shimbun reported this morning. This is going to prove that the April 2000 Tokyo District Court ruling that โ€œthere was no possibility of a third person’s involvement in the caseโ€ was erroneous. This will open a retiral of the case soon.

Mainali (44), who was working at a restaurant in Tokyo, jailed in 1997 as a suspect for the murder of the TEPCO woman staff, has been serving life imprisonment as the prosecutors had convicted him on the circumstantial evidence despite there was no direct evidence for the offence. Mainali from the beginning had been denying the charges appealed in 2005 for DNA test and retrial of the case. The DNA test proof that it doesn’t match Mainali’s should do justice for his release soon. The news was first reported in the Yahoo Japan this morning citing Yomiuri Shimbun, July 21 (Thu) 1:03 in Japanese. The Newah took no time to report this and share with those who are concerned about Mainali, wishing Mainali all the best for his earliest release from the prison and walk a free man sooner.