Vajracharya Trust General Secretary to contest Nepal’s National Buddhist Federation’s Treasurer position

Yen (Kathmandu), Nepal Mandala – In a posting received to The Newah, the Dharmodaya Sabha, the National Buddhist Federation of Nepal is to hold its General election on 21st August to elect a new executive board, Mr. Sagar Man Bajracharya, the General Secretary of Vajracharya Trust of Nepal has submitted his application for the post of Treasurer at the Dharmodaya Sabha. What many Buddhists and members have been shocked to learn seems to be that two Theravada monks are also contesting for the General Secretary and Tresurer posts of Dharmodaya Sabha in addition to the president post this term is suppossed to appont a Buddhist monk. This is, it is learnt that, the first time that two young Theravada monks are going to contest the posts normally allocated for the lay Buddhists – General Secretary and the Treasurer posts despite, it is learnt that, the president to be monk has advised the two young monks to refrain from contesting the posts allocated for the laity.

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  1. Really, it is a very fantasy game. Let me inform you that the two leading Baudha Yaan of Nepal is contesting for the post of Treasurer of Dharmodaya Sabha.
    A) From Vajrayan = Mr. Sagar Man Bajracharya, General Secretary of Vajracharya Conservation Trust.
    B) From Theravada = Bhikkhu Dharma Murti Mahasthavir Secretary of All Nepal Bhikkhu Mahasangh.

    Like wise the contest for General Secretary is as follows :
    A) Mr. Suchitra Man Shakya, former President of YMBA, Nepal Regional Center of World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth, Thailand.
    His Opposition : Bhikkhu Kaundanya, Chief abbot of Buddha Vihar, Bhrikutimandap Kathmandu.

    Because of two Monks candidacy for the civil Post, people are shouting that this candidacy is a symbol of “Derogation of Sacred Chiwar.”

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