Major party leaders assure Nepal Mandala “Newar autonomous state” in the New Constitution.

Nepal Year 1131 Gunla 22
Yala (Lalitpur), Nepal Mandala – Leaders of three major party leaders led by UNCP chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”, NC vice president Ram Chandra Pauldel and UML vice president assured the Newar audience of the Nepal Mandala gathered at a political conference of Peace Process and drafting of the New Constitution, held at Asok party palace, Yala (Lalitpur) on Sunday 1131 Gunla 22 (21 August 2011) the autonomy for the Newar people in the New Constitution being drafted for a New Nepal of ethnic federalism.
P&C conference
P&NC conference-2
UNCP Chairman Prachanda said, it was the UNCP that launched the ethnic structure of federalism, and will not back away from its assurance. NC vice president Ramchandra Paudel said that the Nepali Congress supports the ethnic federalism. Likewise, UML vice president Bam Dev Gautam also assured the audience that his party is in favour of the ethnic federalism.
P&NC conference-2
The conference was presided over by Newa Swayetta Rajya Manka Sangharsha Samiti (NSRMS) – the Common Struggle Committee for Newar Autonomous State – chairman Dil Bahadur Shrestha. Malla K. Sunder, the chief of the NSRMS Secretariat warned the three parties not to back away from the ethnic federalism without assuring the “autonomous state” for the Newar people of this country. Newa Jagaran Manch Coordiantor Sujeev Bajracharya gave the vote of thanks at the program.
P&NC conference-3

Sagar Man Bajracharya contributed to this news report and provided photos – The Newah

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