Calling for articles for Nepal’s 1135th New Year Supplement

Tokyo – The Nepal Lipi Online, the world’s first bulletin in Nepal scripts will be celebrating its fifth year and stepping into sixth year on the 1135th Nepal New Year day that falls on Friday N.S. 1135 Kachhala 1 / 24 October 2014.

To celebrate both the New Year and the Nepal Lipi Online’s birthday, the Nepal Study Center, Japan (NSCJ) will be publishing a special supplement that very auspicious day. The NSCJ cordially invites experts, admirers and friends of Nepal, its classics and Nepal-Japan relations to contribute felicitation message, article, poem including news and views.

Structuring of New Nepal for an inclusive nation: Newar and others’ contribution

Other subjects include:
i) Nepal Samvat and its importance in using officially in Nepal and in our everyday life
ii) Newar cast, ethnicity, community, people or nation – who are they?
iii) History, culture and contribution of Newar to nation building of Nepal
iv) Newar in New Nepal or other related article
v) Nepal Bhasa studies
vi) Nepal-Japan relations

Please send us a related photo or two. Size of the write-up: one A4 typed page for message, two to four pages for articles; Language: Nepal Bhasa, English, Khas (Nepali), Japanese and German(Please attach a Nepal Bhasa translation to English, Japanese and German articles)

Commitment as soon as possible; document reaching us by 16 October 2014.

The NSCJ also cordially invites well-wishing business entrepreneurs to advertise on the, the world’s first and only online bulletin in Nepal Scripts. For both sending in write-ups and advertisement, please write to or leave a message on the “comment” below the line.

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