Unicode Team will be in Kathmandu in early October for a week long meeting.

A team of script encoding experts of Unicode will be visiting Kathmandu for talks with individuals and organizations that are interested in and to contribute to encoding Nepal Lipi. They will discuss the proposals of Prachalit Nepal and Ranjana scripts for encoding during a week long meetings to be held from 4th to 10th October from 10:00 โ€“ 17:00 hours at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, Khichapokhari opposite New Road in Kathmandu. Detail is given below:

Meeting Schedule:
Saturday, 4 October: 13:00-17:00:
The discussion will be led by Peter Constable and Deborah Anderson. A comparison between the two proposals for Prachalit Nepal will be taken up. It has been informed that this is the only meeting Peter Constable can attend. Therefore, it will be important for many of us to attend this meeting to take advantage of his expertise in Unicode. According to Anderson, he has also brokered an agreement on script names that held up for sometime. His talk should provide a good guidance for retaining the name of โ€˜Prachalit Nepalโ€™ if not โ€˜Nepal Lipiโ€™ in the discussion. The venue for this meeting is the Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, Khichapokhari opposite New Road in Kathmandu.

Sunday the 5th October from 10:00 to 17:00 hours; and Monday the 6th:
Discussion on Prachalit Nepal will continue on when the finalization of recommendations for “Prachalit Nepal” is scheduled to place in the morning session. At the afternoon session, Chris Fynn will talk on implementation of “Prachalit Nepal” script in fonts/computers (tentative).

Tuesday the 7th October, discussion on Ranjana will be taken up from 10:00 to 15:00 afternoon at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, Khichapokhari while the second session is to be held at Alpha Beta Complex, Baneshwor.

Wednesday, the 8th October:
Finalization of recommendations for Ranjana in the morning session from 10:00; Discussion on fonts, keyboards, and other issues; and Chris Fynn will talk about implementation of “Ranjana” script in fonts/computers (tentative). (Note: Anderson departs in early afternoon).

Thursday, the 9th October
This day is allocated for discussions on fonts, keyboards, and other issues from 10:00 onwards, while 10th morning is left open for additional discussion of font/keyboards, or any spillover of discussions on any remaining topic, if needed. This is the summary of the meeting schedules from 4th to 10th October 2014.

Important Documents
In order to read in advance the documents that are to be discussed in the October meeting (2014), following documents can be downloaded from the above mentioned web notice in the Wikipedia (see the link below):
1) Prachalit Nepal Draft Agenda;
2) Comparison_Of_Two_Prachalit_Nepal_Proposals;
3) Manandhars_Proposal; Pandeys_Proposal
4) Ranjana Draft Agenda;
5) Comparison_Of_Two_Ranjana_Proposals;
6) Manandhars_Ranjana_Proposal; Eversons_Ranjana_Proposal

These meetings will be very useful for us to know how Nepal Lipi is going to be encoded in Unicode, while the participants can contribute to it by providing information and oneโ€™s views of the Prachalit Nepal and Ranjana scripts. Please join the meeting.

Link for the detail and documents: