Letters sent to Google Font Team

To The Google Fonts team

Noto Sans Newa font has a couple of problems. I shall appreciate it very much if they could be corrected.

1) The word Newa is a spoken term for Newar, which is Prakrit and Nepal is a Sanskrit term for Newar. These two words refer to the same meaning of Nepal. Therefore, it should be “Noto Sans Nepal” because this is the original script of Nepal.

2)  The term Newari was labelled by outsiders. Therefore, it is not acceptable to the people, whose original name is Nepami (People of Nepal). The term Newari should be removed.

3) Unfortunately, the Noto Sans Newa font is not aesthetically well designed because there are better fonts for use on computer. I wonder why Google Font team chose the present design.

4) I also wonder when Noto sans Newa was released. I couldn’t find the release date despite I searched it online.

5) As I am one of those who care for the progress of this language and its original script, which is now a definitely endangered language, and I am working to revitalize Nepal Bhasa with Nepal Lipi as my life work. I appreciate it very much, if the Google Font team could support revitalize it rather than designing it willfully. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and correcting the mistakes in question.

Kind regards,

Suwarn Vajracharya, Ph.D.


[email protected]

May 6, 2024