Visiting Nepalese Leader offers Herald and Tribune, appeals for support to draft the new Constitution

Human rights activist leader and facilitator of Nepal’s peace process, Dr. Padma Ratna Tuladhar, offered voluntary roles of a government herald and a people’s tribune during his short visit to Japan from 9-23 Jan. 2009. He appealed his audience for support to draft the Constitution for a new Nepal at interaction and felicitation programmes held in his honor and lent his ears to difficulties being faced by Nepalese in Japan.

In addition to his inauguration in Tokyo of NEFIN Japan’s 1st Convention as reported in several news portals including The Newah blog, Dr. Tuladhar, who started his activism as a student leader, becoming a member of National Panchayat, MP and a Minister and now an advisor to the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction and a Convener of government formed Peace and Conflict Management Committee, was honored with felicitations in Tokyo by Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRN) Japan, Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) Japan and Newah Jagaran Manch (NJM) Japan. He also visited Nagoya Buddhist library and Hiroshima University to lecture and share Nepal’s peace process and constitution drafting for a new Nepal.

Following are some photo reports.
Former Minister and present advisor to the Ministry of Peace and Reconstructions being welcomed by Nepal Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi, Attache Krishna Bahadur Thapa, NEFIN Japan coordinators Sonam Sherpa and Suwarn Vajrcharya at Tokyo International Airport, Narita. The visiting leader was accompanied by his daughter Sunita and husband Pradeep Tamrakar.
१) जपाने झायादीम्ह पूर्व मन्त्री व आःयाम्ह शान्ति तथा पुननिर्माण मन्त्रालयया सल्लाहकार डा. पद्मरत्न तुलाधरजुयात तोःक्योः नरिता एयाःपोःटे, नेपाल दूतावासया उपप्रमुख डा. दुर्गा बहादुर सुबेदि, अटाशि कृष्ण बहादुर थापा, नेपाल आदिवासी जनजाति महासंघया संयोजकपिँ सोनाम शेर्पा व सुवन् वज्राचार्यँ लसकुस यासे। नापँ डा. तुलाधरजुया म्ह्याय सुनिता मयेजु व सिरिमान प्रदीप ताम्राकार भाजु।
Dr. Tuladhar and daughter Sumina Tamrakar being received by Harsha Raj Sakya in Tokyo
२) डा. तुलाधर व म्ह्याय सुनिता मयेजुयातः हर्षरत्न शाक्यँ लसकुस यासे
Newah community with Dr. Tuladhar
३) तोःक्योःया लोःटस् रेष्टुरेन्टे नेवाः जागरण मञ्चया दुजःपिसँ लसकुस यासे
Dr. Tuladhar at NRN, NEFIN Japan reception in Tokyo
४) एनआरएन व नेफिन जपानया संयुक्त ग्वसाले पाहाँ नायःभाजु डा. तुलाधरजुया लसकुस ज्याझ्वय्। क्वसँखवँनिसेँ – नेफिन जपानया न्हूम्ह मूछ्यान्जे डा. दिनेश मानन्धर, दाँभरि पाशाङ शेर्पा, शान्ति तथा लोकतान्त्रिक मञ्च जपानया नायः भूषण घिमिरे, एनआरएनजपानया नायः भवन भट्ट, नेफिन जपानया न्हूम्ह नायः ओम गुरुङ
Dr. Tuladhar being felicitated in Tokyo by Newah Jagaran Mancha
५) नेवाः जागरण मञ्च जपानया ग्वसाले जूगु डा. पद्मरत्न तुलाधर हनेज्याझ्वः। किपाले खनेदुपिँ खवँनिसेँ – केशव श्रेष्ठ, नायः भाजु, डा केशव महर्जन, नेपाःप्रेमि तोयोहिसा आजुमा, उपेन्द्र शाक्य व सुवन् वज्राचार्य
Dr. Tuladhar with Prof. Keshav Maharjan after the lecture at Hiroshima University
६) हिरोशिमा विश्व विद्यालय डा. तुलाधरजुया प्रवचन लिपा प्राध्यापक डा. केशव महर्जन व सेमिनारे ब्वतिकापिँ
Dr. Tuladhar and his family being seen off at Tokyo Int. Airport Narita by a nine month old fan of Padma Bajya, Muni Vajracharya and his family.
७) डा.तुलाधरजु व परिवारयात तोःक्योः नरिता एयाःपोःटे बिदा ब्यूसे तुलाधर बाज्याया ह्यमि(Fan) गुलादुम्ह मुनि वज्राचार्य व परिवार।
* छिगु कमेन्ट् थन क्वसँ च्वयादिसँ।