The Worldโ€™s First Online Bulletin in Nepal Scripts to be launched on Nepal New Year Day

Tokyo – The Nepal Study Center, Japan (NSCJ) will be launching its online bulletin, the โ€œNepal Lipi.comโ€ on October 19th 2009 marking the 1130th Nepal New year. This is the first online bulletin to be launched in Nepal scripts in the World though there are several bi-lingual online bulletins published in Nepal Bhasa and English but none published in Nepalโ€™s original scripts says in press release issued by the NSCJ.

NSCJ, a non-profit educational institute established in January this year in Tokyo aims to disseminate information on Nepal classical thought and culture, Nepal Japan relations and Buddhism through online, print media and other publications. A group of voluntary professionals, with advise from experts and generous support from Nepalese and friends of Classical Nepal has teamed up to run the Worldโ€™s First ever Online Bulletin in Nepal scripts, the Nepal

As there has been no font compatible to Unicode system, the Nepal Study Center, Japan developed necessary fonts for the Nepal scripts – Prachalit (Standard) script that is in use for general purposes and Ranjana (Holy) scripts that has been in use for writing religious scriptures such as Pali Tripitaka, Sanskrit Triagama and Vedic texts in Nepal, India, Tibet and has spread to China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and in many Buddhist monasteries of Asia, Europe and Americas.

The Nepal Study Center, Japan hopes the Nepal will serve the expectations of the Nepal Lipi readers, experts and supporters of its promotion to disseminate valuable information recorded in Nepal scripts yet to be disclosed to the World and revive its use among the native speakers of Nepal Bhasa at home and abroad.

The Center also requests all concerned to extend their active, moral, material, and generous support to make the aims of NSCJ through the Nepal successful to promote Nepal Classical thought and culture to the native Nepalese and friends of Nepal all over the world. Messages, articles, notices and advertisements, for the first edition of the Worldโ€™s first online bulletin, the NEPAL LIPI.COM, will be accepted until October 10, 2009. They can be sent to: [email protected]