The Struggle for Newah Autonomy reaches to its 2nd year while The Newah celebrates its 2nd Birthday

Yen (Kathmandu), Nepal Mandala – The Newah, the Worldโ€™s only blog to exchange news and views in Nepal Bhasa and English is proud to announce its 2nd birthday while stepping into its 3rd year on the path that has disseminated information, news and share views of family members of the Newah living at home and abroad about human rights and culture for the past two years. We are also proud to note here that the struggle for Newah Autonomy was reported in Nepal Bhasa and English first on our blog while we saw several so called national media of Nepal ignoring the event.

It was on January 16, 2009, the first mass rally and demonstration held in Basantapur, Yen (Kathmandu) raised voice for โ€œtheir rights to be enshrined in the new Constitution ensuring their right to reestablish the Nepal Mandala as their legitimate autonomy in the new Federal Republic of Nepalโ€ by the Struggle Committee for the Newah Autonomous State. And on December 26, 2009, the Struggle Committee demonstrated the strength of Newah unity by declaring the โ€œNewah Autonomous State of Nepal Mandalaโ€ inside the Federal Republic of Nepal. And on 16th this month, the Struggle completes one full year reaching its 2nd year, a path ahead yet to know what will happen when, if the Constitution Assembly neglects its one and only duty they have been entrusted โ€“ drafting a fair Constitution. It was for this very purpose, they were elected by the people of this nation of diverse nationalities, languages and cultures – Nepal.

The Newah while celebrating its 2nd Birthday wishes all the strength and wisdom to the Struggle Committee of Newah Autonomous State of Nepal Mandala, its wellwishers, its friends of other nationalities to succeed in building a new Nepal, that is peaceful and prosperous while their rights are equally respected and let each autonomous state to decide its own course of development and prosperity. Our common prosperity depends on unity among our diverse nationalities. Unity is possible only under the banner of equal justice never under a grip of armed preachers of โ€œPeace.โ€

The Newah expresses its heartiest gratitude to all of you who stood by us to help stand by all of us. The Newah welcomes all of you to speak, to write and to voice for all of us! Come join the celebration of our 2nd Birthday. Share your golden views and worthy news at The Newah!

Following are some of our contributions to the issue of Nepal Mandala, the Newah Autonomy. To read them, click on the title of the article, news or poem you wish to read.
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