Lo & Behold, the New Constitution of Nepal dropping the “Federal Republic”

Yen (Kathmandu), Nepal Mandala – One of the eight disputes it is learnt to have settled by the Statute sub-committee today was the very name of the Constitution being drafted (since May 2008 till now) naming it as “the Constitution of Nepal” dropping the proposed name of “The Constitution of Federal Republic of Nepal” the very purpose for a new Constituent Assembly that was elected with an unprecedently large number of 601 assembly members. But the very important name seemed to have decided among our Bahun leaders seen in the Nepalnews.com photograph being witnessed byour indigenous leader helpless. Now the very name of the “New” Constitution was switched back to old Nepal, what next will be decided by our big three remains to see, nope anymore, its crystel clear they do (? not) want “Federal Republic” anymore.

No more "Federal Republic" in New Nepal's Constitution

The Newah wonder whether we Nepalese are serious enough about building a New Nepal.