A Questionnaire (Survey) for Nepal Lipi

नेपा:मि नापँ देसँ पिनेदुपिँ हनेबह:पिँ व पासापिँ, (Respected and friends in Nepal and abroad)

झीगु नेपाल लिपि छन्हु याकनँ झीगु कम्प्यूटरे नेपाल लिपिँ च्वय् फैगु ई वयत्येंगु दु।
(Nepal Lipi will soon be available to be written on our computers.)

निदँ न्ह्यव:निसेँ नेपाल लिपियात युनिकोडय् इन्कोडिङयाना हलिमय् न्ह्यागु थासँनँ नेपाल लिपि छ्यले जीकेगु ज्या सुरुजुया च्वंगु दु। (In order to facilitate the free use of Nepal Lipi on computers from any part of the world, the task of encoding it in Unicode has begun for the past two years.)

अमेरिका, बेलायत, नेपाल, भारत व जपानया पासापिँ दुथ्यागु थ्व टीमय् “नेपाललिपि” यात छखलसिनँ “नेवार” धका नाँ तयेमा धा:सा, मेखलनँ नेपाललिपिया मौलिक नाँ “नेपाललिपि” तयेमा धैगु खँय् सहलह ब्याके मफया च्वंगु दनि। (The team made up of members from US, UK, Nepal, India and Japan has yet to decide the name of this script block as one group wants to name it “Newar” while other group wants to retain “Nepal Lipi” as it is the original name of the script.)

पासापिनिगु बिचा ञंकादिसँ। (Please share with us what you think)
– टीमया छम्हदुज: (A Member of the Team).

१) नेपाल लिपि जूसाँ “नेवार” धका नाँ तयेज्यू। (1. I support to name “Newar” for Nepal Lipi)

२) झीगु लिपिया नाँ हे नेपाललिपि जूगुलिँ “नेपाललिपि” हे बाँला। (2. I support to name “Nepal Lipi” for Nepal Lipi as it is the original name of the script.)

३) नेपाल लिपि धका तये मछिंगु समस्या दुसा “Classical Nepal” (पुरातन नेपाल) तयेज्यू।
(3. I support to name Nepal Lipi as “Classical Nepal,” if there is any problem in naming it “Nepal Lipi.”

४) मेगु छिगु बिचा: (4. Other suggestion)

छिगु भोट् (लिस:) बियेत: थन क्वसँदूगु “comment” क्लिकयाना दिसँ।
(Please click the “comment” below to vote for or respond to this short survey.)

UPDATED NOTE: We shall appreciate your responses upto the point. For the 4th question, you may suggest an alternative but conventional name, no longer comment and personal interpretations, please. If your long comment was not published, you may still rewite a short one as we are looking forward to hearing your worthy responsse/vote/view. – The Newah

12 thoughts on “A Questionnaire (Survey) for Nepal Lipi”

  1. Thank you for your response and vote for the question you support. Number 4 is for an alternative name other than 1,2,3.

    We regret that we are unable to accomodate long comments here because of lack of space.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We will appreciate if you could encourage other friends also to answer this very important survey. – The Newah

  2. 1.Nepal Lipi must be NepalLipi/Script. So Nepal Lipi is fine and must be. There should be any discussion or confusion or argument.It must be Nepal Lipi/Script.

  3. Bal Gopal Shrestha

    न्ह्यस: ल्या २) नेपाल लिपि। थ्व लिपिया मौलिक नां नेपाल लिपि हे कायम जुइमा। नाँ हिलेगु बिलकुल गलत ख:।
    Response to Q2) Nepal Lipi. We must retain its original name. The proposition of changing name is totally wrong.

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