India, Japan plan to restore Nepal’s cultural heritage

Yen (Kathmandu), NS 1135 Bachhala 27,
It is reported today that India, Japan plan to restore Nepal’s cultural heritage and a Japanese delegation arrived in India recently to discuss the restoration of Nepal’s cultural heritage devastated by the 4/25 earthquake in Nepal.

This is a great initiative by Japan to restore the collapsed world heritages in Nepal in collaboration with India. Saying the Japan’s initiative with India is great, it is also important to understand that India, a good friend of Nepal has also yet to prove that it is not prejudiced against Buddhist monuments that fell together with Hindu temples in Kathmandu valley in the historic Nepal Mandala area. India’s ASI project has already started restoration of Hindu temple Pashupatinath while leaving Buddhist Swayambhunath neglected. Temples in Nepal Mandala stand tall to show that Nepal is a holy country for both traditions. However, neither the authority in Nepal nor in India is informed of this great concept of religious thought taught by Vajrayana tradition. The Vajrayana is a distinct tradition of Nepal that has embraced both Buddhism and Hinduism together. Therefore, which country ever works for the cause of Nepal, they have to be informed of this basic but distinct tradition of Vajrayana. Otherwise, it will be not only just a showcase that has no values but will also be a waste of money, energy and time. But we have a greater hope that Japan will work with India while being informed of this basic but distinct values when they work for Nepal. – The Newah See the related news article @ India, Japan plan to restore Nepal’s cultural heritage.