१) बाला बाला चिन्गु मिखा
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLWhK1plJYU&rel=1]

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  1. “Bala Bala Chingu Mikha” song is very hit and evergreen song known to every one and I like it very much, too. But from your Blog, I could n’t hear it properly, it doesn’t play well. Any way, I really appreciate it being dedicated to Newah pasapin on this web site.

  2. Thanks for uploading the video song from “TAJILAJI” album, which was produced by Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA) in collaboration of Nepalbhasha Manka Khala Yala and Artha Prakashan P. Ltd. both from Nepal. This album includes 12 different evergreen songs, please check for the same. If you are looking for VCD/DVD of the album within Nepal, please contact me (Suresh Pradhan 9851039477, [email protected]) and outside Nepal, please contact NPPA President Meera Shrestha Mayju(http://www.nppa-usa.org).

    If you could mention the album in detail on the audio/video music it would be more convenient to the viewers.

    Suresh Pradhan

  3. cine daboo pvt. ltd.

    This was the first ever pop and rock n roll song of Nepal which was recorded in Kolkata (then Calcutta ) by singer Prem Dhoj Pradhan himself in the year 1962 A.D.

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