Reverend Mother Satyaparami Gurumahn passed away

Reverend Mother Satyaparami Gurumahn, head of Panauti’s famed Kashivarna Buddha vihar passed away on 26 March at his son Sagar Man Bajracharya’s residence in Dallu, Kathmandu. Gurumahn who was on medication for her kidney malfucntion has been treated at several hospital including National Kidney Center and her son has attended to her for a long period of time. Known as “Panauti gurumahn” for her dedicated Buddhist religious services for the past 25 years, has also attended to the benifit of Buddhists mostly in villages and farer regions than in Kathmandu, which is a comfortable place of service for many monks and nuns. The hundreds of her followers from Kashivarna Vihar and admirers that attended her funeral included members from Gana Mahavihar, Dharmodaya Sabha, Vajracharya Conservation Trust, Ratnakirti Mahavihar, Dathupui Acharya Trust, attested her service to the Buddhist order and society. The Newah wholeheartedly wish Satyaparami Gurumahn to attain to Supreme Nirvana! (The Reverend Mother Satyaparami Gurumahn was the venerable mother of Administrator & Editor of The Newah)

Gurumahn at a special sermon and meditation programme in Tokyo

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  1. Balgopal & Srilaxmi

    We are extremely sorry to read the news about the passing away of your mother. We express our heartfelt condolences to you and all the bereaved members of your family. May her soul rest in Sukhavati Bhuvana and pray for an eternal peace to the departed soul.

    Bal Gopal and Srilaxmi

  2. Rajesh Shrestha

    Dear Sagar Man Bajracharya Ju,

    We extend our deepest sympathy and condolence to you and all the bereaved family members on the demise of your beloved mother Satyaparami Gurumahn.


    Executive Committee
    Newah Organization of America(NOA)

  3. श्रध्देया सत्यपारमिता गुरुमाँ दिवंगत जुयाबिज्यागुलिइ दुनुगलं निसें बिचा: हायेका च्वना । May her soul rest in PEACE. Dipak Tuladhar

  4. We are also sad to hear about this sad news. We express our heartfelt condolence to family members. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  5. Keshav L Maharjan

    May the departed soul reach the Nirvan.
    May you have the strength and patience to face the worldly happenings and the feelings of the senses

  6. I express my heartful condolence to the family members of Satyaparamita Gurumahn and I wish her departed Soul to rest upon peace.

  7. I know no words can dull your sorrow, since only time can do that – and it will. I do feel in the sad demise of your dear mother – the loss of a rich and full life without regrets.

    We all know and its obvious that nothing on this planet earth last for ever. God has sent every human being to perform a certain task and complete it in a certain amount of time/duration. Once the chore is accomplished, he triggers the person and calls him back. This is what has exactly happened to your mother. She is now in God’s hand and watching you all.

    I know that no words are enough to take away the pain that friends and family endure during these difficult times, but I wish to say that my thoughts and prayers are and always will be with you.

    Sabbe sankhara aniccati, yada pannaya passati
    atha nibbindati dukkhe, esa maggo vissuddhiya.

    (Impermanent are all compounded things. When one perceives this with true insight, one becomes detached from suffering; this is the path of purification.)

    – The Buddha in Dhammapada

    I wish to convey my heartfelt condolences to all that have known and cherished the deceased. May time bring comfort in the fond memories.

  8. dukha he sukha yaa lanpu kha dhaigu lumankaa dhairya dhaaran yaaye phayema ale guruma yaa nirwana kaamanaa yaanaa bichaa haayekaa chwonaa
    Drasha USA

  9. Suresh Pradhan

    दिबंगत जुयाबिज्या:म्ह् सत्यपारमिता गुरुमाँया आत्माया चीर शान्तिया कामना यासें सुखावति भुवनस वास लायेमा धका कामना याना, थजागु दु:खया इलय् सकल छें जःपिसं धैर्यधारण याये फयेमा धकानं कामना यानाच्वना ।

    सुरेश प्रधान, यल

  10. Dinesh Manandhar, Tokyo

    बीज अङकुराउँछ, कोपीला फक्रन्छ
    पात पलाउँछ, फूल फूल्छ
    र अन्तमा सबै माटैमा बिलाउँछ पुन: अङकुराउन, फक्रन, पलाउन र फूल्न।
    यहीनै जीबन चक्र हो।

    श्रध्देय सत्यपारमिता गुरुमाँ दिवंगत जुयाबिज्यागुलिइ दुनुगलं निसें बिचा: हायेका च्वना ।

  11. I just want to say “Thankyou” to everyone who choosed to express their condolence to my family. Also,want to say “take care” to my family.
    Manisha Bajracharya
    Minnesota, US.

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